Quality upfront architectural design and planning are vital to future proof your ICT infrastructure for what is coming next.  The ever expanding range of 21st century business applications including cloud based options  requires a flexible and scalable architecture ready to accept whatever applications and technology is around the corner for your enterprise.

Resilient Asia Pacific prides itself on our professional architectural planning and solution design services. With many years of experience, our architects are experts in the following:

  • Server design and sizing
  • Storage Area Network design and sizing
  • Network design
  • Desktop and Mobile technology integration
  • Migration to new environments
  • IBM Power Systems (AIX and IBM i) architectural design and integration
  • Migration from older legacy environments (Including IBM iSeries)
  • Availability planning and Disaster recovery
  • Backup and recovery
  • Virtual machine planning and design
  • Cloud and hybrid cloud application planning

The Resilient Asia Pacific Team is known for attention to detail and delivering measurable business outcomes. We’re at ease guiding technology choices focusing on lowering risk, improving efficiency, and reducing complexity.

Our experience enables us to contribute to the development, establishment and maintenance of a robust and scalable ICT Architecture, in accordance with best practices.