Over 8,000 businesses around the world use LANSA to develop, maintain and integrate their business applications faster and better. LANSA has a 30-year track record of enabling customers to magnify the ROI of their IT spend. While most other development and integration tools have come and gone over the years, LANSA customers have easily transitioned their applications into new technologies.

Resilient Asia Pacific has worked with our key clients over the years to provide more efficient and productive application development environments to meet business requirements. We recognised that many of our clients have years of investment in their business applications and reviewed the solutions available for simplified application redesign and redeployment.

LANSA is identified as the clear market and technology leader with products across multiple platforms to enable clients to update the form and function of their applications, without the loss of value of that earlier investment. This incudes the ability to deploy and extend existing applications to mobile platforms without major rewrites.

Resilient is a proud LANSA partner and has a number of staff qualified in LANSA and performing modern application design with our key clients.